Salute to Excellence Award

The Paynesville Area Chamber of Commerce is excited to recognize and honor our own community members that go the extra mile to make our town a great place to be.

2017 Salute to Excellence Nomination Form

Salute to Excellence Awards.

Each year we acknowledge several nominated community members at our annual meeting/dinner.  Listed below is a brief description of each of the awards and link to the nomination form.  Please let us know who is doing great things in our home town and then join us at the annual dinner to help celebrate with them.

Business/Farmer of the Year:   Should be a business or farmer that is succeeding due in part to dedication to serving the Paynesville Area.

Boss of the Year:   Should be a boss in the Paynesville area and promote a positive image of their business and the Paynesville area.

Employee of the Year:   Should be employed in the Paynesville area, promote a positive image, and display a great deal of customer service.

Outstanding Young Person:   (Age 16-25) This young person from the Paynesville area should stand out from the crowd and be a good example for all young people.

Outstanding Community Service:   Take into consideration civic, religious, and educational services in the Paynesville area.

Lending Hand Award:   There are so many people in our community that donate their time and talents to our projects that we honor them with this award.  The Chamber board looks at the years activities and makes a list of community member and narrows it down to one person or group to honor each year.

2016 Salute to Excellence Winners

Back Row: Employer of the Year – Perennial Bank,  Outstanding Community Service – Allison Janssen, Lending Hand Award – Ann Friederichs,

Front Row:  Employee of the Year – Grant Lieser, Outstanding Youth Award – Erika Feigum

Not Pictured-Boss of the Year:  Jerry Hoekstra (Ted’s RV)

2015 Salute to Excellence Winners


Back Row: Employer of the Year – Louis Industries,  Boss of the Year Len Gilmore, 2016 Pres. Jolene, 2015 Pres.Karlene,

Lending Hand Award – Wally Thyen, Outstanding Community Service – Dave Mutschelknaus

Front Row:  Employee of the Year – Hannah Bellig, Outstanding Youth Award – Tatum Spanier and Alana Ludwig

2014 Salute to Excellent winners

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2013 Salute to Excellent winners

2013 winners