Senior Living in Paynesville

Paynesville is a great small town with many services for our more life experienced community members.
We have a community center that is the home of senior activities, meals, and the home of the ROSE center ( reach out to seniors effetely).  We have 2 assisted living complexes and a nursing home attached to our hospital.  We have a full service pharmacy and offer prescription drugs drop off at our city hall.

Aldon park is a wonderful adult living community nestled in our residential neighborhood.

Our city also broadcasts our local church services and we have tri cap, meals on wheels, and community organizations that offer services to our citizens that need some seasonal help.  We also enjoy our community garden along with our various community organizations such as: garden club, quilting, Let’s go fishing, mentor, book club

Paynesville is on a multi community Bus Route on Mondays.  for more information call 320-202-7824